About Scriaggio

Scriaggio was started, as a journal donation project in 2015 by Founder, and President, Gina M. Billino. Gina started Scriaggio in order to reach people, on a very personal level, and walk with them on their journey, while providing a safe place for them to feel comfortable. Each individual journal, has different quotes related to their personal theme, making each journal as unique, as your journey.

Scriaggio is dedicated to helping people become inspired, heal, and love themselves regardless of where they are, on their path. Just a few of the communities, that we focus our efforts are include:

❤️Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence Survivors

Scriaggio journals, strives to help survivors heal, to become empowered, and to move forward, in their lives. They are a safe place, to get your thoughts, and feelings out. Scriaggio is dedicated to helping survivors recover, and to help them reclaim their lives. The journals, and the empowering, and comforting quotes within, are a tool to help victims, to become empowered survivors. 

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ Organizations

We are the voice of support, and encouragement while individuals are finding, and continuing along their path of self-discovery. Scriaggio journals remind their owners, to love themselves unconditionally always. They are a voice of reassurance, that they are amazing in who they are. To always be proud, of who they have become, and, who they are becoming.

♀️Women's Empowerment 

Scriaggio journals, are an inspirational voice for girls, and women of all ages. Women are amazing, in thousands of ways. Women can do anything, they put their minds to. There is nothing, women can't achieve, and we are here to emphasize that.

🎖️Military & Military Spouses

We are a safe place, to get the stress of your service, off your shoulders. Whether you are currently enlisted, deployed, a veteran, a military spouse, or even just starting your career in the military, Scriaggio journals are a constant reminder that you, and your family are not alone. No matter what is going on around you, we are here to listen, and let you release whatever anxiety, you may be feeling inside.

Scriaggio is for Everyone.

Scriaggio journals are here, for everyone. We are here to help you heal, from whatever pain you may have, and empower you, throughout your journey. Gina, and Scriaggio have donated 6,600 journals since 2015 to help members of the community. Learn more about the donation project here.